Liberty Paisley

Limited edition

V for Victory Bra

Original Black

How we work

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Winner - Fashion Impact 2020

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Why so Very Good?

We believe that everything we create should be designed with its end of life in mind. We are unique in that even our elastic, labels, sewing thread and packaging is compostable. Our bras contain no spandex, and every component has its origin in the earth, to which we hope it will in time harmlessly return, rather than add to our landfill burden.

It's also good because it fits and supports comfortably across 27 sizes, with no underwire. We find that once our customers leave the wire, they rarely go back!

Things we care about


Australians send 85% of textiles to landfill, two thirds of which are man made synthetic fibres like Polyester which take 200 years to break down. We use compostable textiles and packaging, whilst minimising production waste through pre-selling and making only to order - true Slow Fashion!

We still need bras!

Awareness is the first step. We all need clothes and we want to feel OK about buying them. Our products are not only compostable at end of life, but arrive wrapped in recyclable tissue paper and sent in a 100% compostable, or 80% recycled, and recyclable poly mailer.

Ocean Waste

Before they end up in landfill, synthetic textiles release half a million tonnes of plastic microfibre into our oceans through washing. It is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. We can change this by making better choices about the fabrics we buy.

Raised 350% of its Kickstarter goal

in 2018 The Very Good Bra launched via a Kickstarter campaign. See it here



I received the bra and it fits perfectly. I'm very happy with it. It's hard to describe how good it feels. Thank you for your patience with me being a fairly difficult customer, I've got all sizes tweaked just right now:-). Again, very grateful for the bra, it will definitely not be the last!


I’m loving each and every one of the three bras I have bought from you at The Very Good Bra! 
They really have been a game changer for me. 


My first two bras arrived last week and they are the most amazing, most comfortable bras I’ve ever worn.
Looking forward to ordering more - all very the best


I have never worn a more fab garment, I see the attention to detail you promised, I am overjoyed.
We went on a week of hiking and camping and the bra was soooo comfortable.

Louise - Canada