Why so Very Good?

'We believe that everything we create should be designed with its end of life in mind' 

We are unique in that everything down to our elastic, labels, sewing thread and packaging is compostable. Our products contain no spandex, polyester or nylon. Every component has its origin in the earth, to which we hope it will in time harmlessly return, rather than add to our landfill burden.

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The Very Good Bra - new stock available now

Why do we care so Very much?

  • Landfill

    Australians send 85% of textiles to landfill, two thirds of which are man made synthetic fibres like Polyester which take 200 years to break down. We use compostable textiles and packaging, whilst minimising production waste through pre-selling and making only to order - true Slow Fashion!

  • Ocean waste

    Before they end up in landfill, the synthetic textiles we wash and wear release half a million tonnes of plastic microfibre into our oceans through washing. It is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. We can change this by making better choices about the fabrics we buy.

  • We still want clothes!

    Awareness is the first step. We all need clothes and we want to feel OK about buying them. Our products are not only compostable at end of life, but arrive wrapped in recyclable tissue paper and sent in a 100% compostable mailer, where possible, via Sendle - Australia's first carbon-neutral courier company.

The Very Good Sleep

Limited quantities of his + hers 100% organic cotton sleepwear still available below

the very good sleep - final pieces for sale for women

The SLEEP Tee Dress - Women

The SLEEP Tee Dress - Women

Regular price $70.00

The SLEEP Long Pant - Women

The SLEEP Long Pant - Women

Regular price $75.00

The SLEEP Shorts - Women

The SLEEP Shorts - Women

Regular price $49.50

The Very Good Sleep - final pieces for sale for MEN

The SLEEP Tee - Men

The SLEEP Tee - Men

Regular price $60.00

The SLEEP Shorts - Men

The SLEEP Shorts - Men

Regular price $60.00

The Very Good Bra - small quantities available for immediate delivery until sold out

The Very Good Bra

The Very Good Bra

Regular price $95.00

The Very Good Bra - Briefs

The Very Good Bra - Briefs

Regular price $45.00


What happens if it doesn't fit?

Our fit for sleepwear is fairly standard and described in the size guide. For bras, we fit true to size with big brands and always recommend you buy the size you wear now. As we are making to order, it may be difficult to exchange for a different size as we are holding very limited stock. Please try us in case there are other returns due to sizing, if not, we can refund. All returns and exchanges have to be sent back at the buyer's expense. Unfortunately we cannot take international exchanges at this point.

Can you exchange bottoms?

Please please please try bottoms over your undies! If they don't fit, we can exchange or refund.

Why crowdfunding/pre-sale?

We believe in creating minimum waste. By only making to order the sizes that you select, we minimise waste in the form of unwanted stock. As a start-up, the crowdfund model also helps fund our manufacturing run and conserve cash for developing new products.

What are these garments made of?

Our sleep wear is made of 100% organic cotton, knitted and organically dyed in Melbourne. The cord ties in the bottoms are organic, unbleached cotton. Our bra is made of Australian knitted and dyed Lenzing fibre Tencel, with tree rubber and organic cotton elastic and custom made organic cotton hooks and eyes. Our sewing thread is Tencel and our labels organic cotton dyed with soy based inks, sourced from Europe as we can't find a maker here in Australia

Will they break down when they wash?

The beautiful thing about quality cotton and tencel is that they wash and wear beautifully. Although derived from plants, these are premium fabrics from premium suppliers that are built to last. We always recommend a short wash at a low temperature both for maintenance, and because its kinder to the environment. We hope that you will wear the sleep T shirts day and night, to get extra wear out of one wash!

Will all the money be going into production?

Most of it. We are a start up with no backer and crowdfunding / pre-sale allows us to make only as much product as you would like to buy and in the correct sizes. We have to spend money on samples, photography and also marketing, so we can find our customer tribe!

Who pays additional country-specific taxes?

The buyer is responsible for any additional taxes which are due in their country of origin when the parcel is delivered. For most countries except the UK, this isn't an issue as the threshold is high, but please check your local import/sales taxes.

How much is shipping?

We ship anywhere in Australia for a flat rate of $10, and internationally for $20. There is more about our shipping and returns policy at the bottom of the site.