Our Responsible Business Practices


We are committed to making a positive environmental impact through selecting 100% botanically sourced materials which:

  • Create no toxins through their initial manufacture and processing
  • Are synthetic free and create no micro-plastics through laundering
  • Can be safely composted, worm-farmed or buried in soil at end of life, thereby diverting textile waste from landfill


Our materials are sourced worldwide to be 100% botanically circular, leaving no negative environmental impact at end of life. We survey our suppliers for their environmental and social practices. We use NO spandex, polyester or nylon, even in our sewing thread, elastic and labelling. Our unconventional materials are outlined below:

Organic cotton

Our organic cotton knit is knitted and GOTs dyed in Melbourne from cotton grown in Turkey. It is suitable for home compost, your worm farm, or simply to be buried in soil at end of life.


Our tencel knit is knitted and GOTs dyed in Melbourne from Lenzing tencel sourced from global suppliers approved by Lenzing. It is suitable for home compost, your worm farm, or simply to be buried in soil at end of life.

Liberty Fabric Organic Cotton

Liberty Fabric sources organic cotton from Europe and prints using REACH approved dyes at its factory in Italy. It is suitable for home compost, your worm farm, or simply to be buried in soil at end of life.

Sewing thread

Our tencel sewing thread is manufactured from 100% cellulosic material and is Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified. It is suitable for home compost, your worm farm, or simply to be buried in soil at end of life.


In our bras we use elastic made from natural tree rubber knitted into organic cotton. Our maker Is based in Germany and she developed this elastic with a factory in Austria. It is suitable for home compost, your worm farm, or simply to be buried in soil at end of life. **Natural rubber is latex and so will not suit those with allergies.

We also use a Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified elastic in our briefs manufactured by INOGEMA in Germany. Whilst this is a synthetic polymer it breaks down at end of life with no toxicity (hence achieving Gold certification). The material has a take-back programme in Europe but that is not yet available in Asia. It can be cut up at end of life and placed in your home compost, but it will take 18-24 months to break down.

Hooks and Eyes

Our hooks and eyes are custom made from 100% organic cotton and tencel sewing thread which we supply, then dyed at our factory. The metal is Oeko-tex certified and both cadmium and nickel free. They are suitable for home compost, your worm farm, or simply to be buried in soil at end of life, removing the metal first. Bras purchased and received prior to August 2020 may still have our original hook and eye pieces which you can learn more about here.


Our earlier bras and our sleepwear have organic cotton and soy-ink dyed labels, made in the Netherlands. To minimise carbon footprint, we now use the traditional pad-print technique in our factory, which is minimal waste and uses Eco Passport Oeko-Tex inks. They are suitable for home compost, your worm farm, or simply to be buried in soil at end of life. Our sleepwear continues to use organic cotton and soy ink dyes.


We do not knowingly use any animal products in our manufacture.


Our bras are wrapped in acid-free, recyclable tissue paper and posted in our customer's choice of recycled (over 80%) and recyclable poly bags, or compostable mailers, depending on what is easiest for them to dispose of responsibly.


We are very proud to warehouse and fulfil through the brilliant social enterprise Avenue Co Working which offers people of all abilities the opportunity for work and community. It's a partnership which works well and feels good to us, to Avenue, and to our customers.


In 2020, following extensive research and a 2 day factory visit, we moved our production to Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, the global pandemic has made scheduled follow up visits impossible, but we remain in weekly contact and will revisit as soon as Australia re-opens it's borders.

Manufacturing in 27 sizes requires a specialist factory with outstanding technical skills to ensure consistency and fit. There is no such factory in Australia any more. Details on our Sri Lanka factory are as follows:

  • WRAP certified (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) with Platinum rating, valid for 24 months
  • SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audits) audited
  • Energy use - the factory uses low energy server motors on sewing machines, low energy LED lighting on the production floor and solar power for it's external lighting
  • The factory has a number of senior females in GM roles and strong harassment and discrimination policies, with established procedures for grievance handling.
  • Our factory pays 75-100% above the local minimum wage, with details as follows: In addition to the basic wage (Basic + Budgetary Relief Allowance, our factory pays staff Attendance Bonus, Production Incentive, Bonus (1 month basic wage minimum), free transport, free hostel, free medical facilities and subsidised food. Staff are entitled to 14 days annual leave, 84 days maternity leave, and 15% of base as super (EPF & ETF) paid by the factory.
  • Our Code of Conduct based on the ETI Base code can be viewed here.

We make our sleep and loungewear from left-over materials, in Sydney using a local cutter and small factory.


In addition to creating products with 100% botanically sourced materials, that can home compost, there are a number of other ways we minimise waste at The Very Good Bra.

  • We launch products via pre-sales where we gather enough size data to create a factory order which reflects those sizes, and makes sure we don't over-produce in any of our 27 sizes. There's more about that here.
  • We have created a Buy Swap and Sell group on Facebook where customers who have bras that no longer fit, or can't be exchanged for any reason, can be passed on to other potential buyers globally, ensuring they have a good long life somewhere!
  • In 2021 we have launched replacement bra straps which can be purchased on the site. As elastic straps are often the first to go, this allows our customers to extend the life of their bras by replacing the straps.
  • We use all our left-over fabric to manufacture small runs of sleepwear and briefs to ensure we do not waste any. We have also donated sample fabric to The Social Outfit and Whitehouse Design fashion students, and useable sample bras will be donated to The Uplift Project or Thread Together


Contributions include:

  • Presenter UN Global Compact Webinar - Panel- Entrepreneurship for Sustainability  2020
  • Presenter - NDLESS - The New Normal Conference 2020
  • Presenter and mentor at UNSW Circular Hackathon - 2019
  • Presenter - Sustainable Brands Detroit 2019
  • Donations - We donate $1-2 per order to charities 


In the past we have donated to One Tree Planted but from July this year we are choosing to green closer to home and particularly to restore habitat destroyed in Australia's bushfires. For this reason we now donate $1 per order to Greening Australia for their invaluable and diverse work greening cities, countryside and also providing work opportunities in such important schemes.


We have a Privacy policy on site. We only market where customers have opted in. We do not engage in guerrilla marketing and misleading practices. We do few photo shoots and are often guided in our choice of model by our factory sample size which we receive months before the bras go into production, because of our pre-sale model. We do not edit or airbrush photos for the website.