What is the impact of Covid 19?

Covid has delayed our productions both in our former factory in China earlier this year, and then this year at our new factory in Sri Lanka. Whilst we got our Liberty production out only a few weeks late, Sri Lanka has another very serious outbreak November 2020 and we are considering other geographical options for 2021 to keep the our supply coming.

A major issue now is logistics, with less than 10% of normal flights happening, it is taking much longer for stock to reach us, and then orders to get to you both interstate domestically, and internationally, but they do get there! At the peak in March/April, a lot of packages ended up on ships which no-one can notify you of, but they did arrive eventually. 

What happens if it doesn't fit?

For bras, we fit true to size with big brands and always recommend you buy the size you wear now. Our fit for sleepwear is fairly standard and described in the size guide. All returns and exchanges have to be sent back at the buyer's expense. Unfortunately we cannot take international exchanges at this point.

Can you exchange bottoms?

Please please please try bottoms over your undies! If they don't fit, we can exchange or refund.

What are these garments made of?

Our black bra is made of Australian knitted and dyed Lenzing fibre Tencel, with tree rubber and organic cotton elastic and custom made organic cotton hooks and eyes. Our sewing thread is Tencel and our labels organic cotton dyed with soy based inks, sourced from Europe as we can't find a maker here in Australia.

Our Peach and Twilight collections are made from organic cotton knitted and GOTs dyed here in Australia.

Our sleep wear is made of 100% organic cotton, knitted and organically dyed in Melbourne. The cord ties in the bottoms are organic, unbleached cotton. 

Will they break down when they wash?

The great thing about quality cotton and tencel is that they wash and wear beautifully. Although derived from plants, these are premium fabrics from premium suppliers that are built to last. We always recommend a short wash at a low temperature both for maintenance, and because its kinder to the environment. We hope that you will wear the sleep T shirts day and night, to get extra wear out of one wash!

Who pays additional country-specific taxes?

The buyer is responsible for any additional taxes which are due in their country of origin when the parcel is delivered. We sell tax-free to international customers. For most countries except the UK, this isn't an issue as the threshold is high, but please check your local import/sales taxes.

How much is shipping?

We ship anywhere in Australia for a flat rate of $10, and internationally for $20. We offer worldwide freepost on orders over $200.

We've had to increase our normal rates slightly June 2020 during covid because international postage rates have increased significantly, but we hope to lower it when things get more normal. There is more about our shipping and returns policy at the bottom of the site.