How we work

We launched this bra with a crowd-fund in 2018 and we liked that model!

Essentially, your support of our new launches, particularly during our pre-sale periods, funds our production, whilst also ensuring we don't over-produce in any one size and end up with wasted, excess stock. From your perspective, it locks in and guarantees you get your size, because over a range of 27 sizes, we can quickly sell out in the ones where we make less. We also offer early-bird pricing and promotions during this time as a thank you for your support, without which, in a capital-intensive industry, it would be impossible to continue as an independent.

When we have your pre-orders over a 10-30 day period, we place our factory order and we make an additional amount of stock to hold, which mirrors the sizes we have sold most in, and makes us pretty confident we're not making up stock that no one will want, but we do have spares for those who missed the pre-sale.

Generally, it can take 8 - 12 weeks to get the materials manufactured, sent to our factory, and stock made up, but we always give you the delivery month when you pre-order so you have an idea. Clearly, things can happen in that time which are beyond our control, Covid in particular of late, but we will always keep those lines of communication open so that you know exactly what's going on.

At present, Covid is still present in Sri Lanka, with our factory working at limited capacity, and global air freight is now slowed down by the war in Ukraine. It's slow and expensive. Again, we will keep you informed along the way - please always check your junk mail las emails often end up there.

We work with a factory in Sri Lanka which has WRAP accreditations and pays a living, rather than a minimum wage, and employs no-one younger than 16. I visited the factory December 19 and spent 2 days in their facilities, which looked great. My plan was to visit twice yearly but clearly that has not been an option since.

We also work with small factories in Sydney to make our sleepwear. They are also presently impacted by covid so we have allowed for a longer production period.

This is true, slow-fashion and we are humbled and grateful for your ongoing support of our rather unorthodox, anti-waste business model.