Vintage Peach Bra
Vintage Peach Bra
Vintage Peach Bra
Vintage Peach Bra
Vintage Peach Bra
Vintage Peach Bra

Vintage Peach Bra

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Whilst this bra uses the same pattern and fit of our Original Black bras, the body is made in premium organic cotton, knitted and GOTs dyed here in Australia. 

Everything in this bra, from the elastic, tencel sewing thread, organic cotton and soy ink labels and custom-made hook and eye pieces, is designed to break down in nature at end-of-life and leave no trace. 

This wire-free, plastic-free bra is super soft on the body. It has a soft, woven organic cotton liner in the band that sits next to the body and anchors the bra in place, preventing it stretching over time. It also has a half cup liner in this weave to give it more support where needed. Because there is no spandex in the bra, it can run a little smaller in size than your regular bra as it has less stretch.

We fundamentally believe that everything we make in the 21st Century should be designed with its end in sight. No excuses.

Body Fabric - 100% organic cotton grown and spun in India, GOTs dyed and knitted in Australia at ABMT Textiles

Sewing thread - 100% tencel Cradle to Cradle certified and GOTs dyed, made in Switzerland by Muller

Elastic - Organic Cotton and natural rubber knitted in Austria for a german developer, Charle Berlin 

Liner and hook & eye fabric - 100% organic cotton, grown, spun and woven in Turkey and supplied by Ecological Textiles in The Netherlands

Labelling - Low impact Pad Print labelling at our factory using Ink Cups Sapphire Ink - Oeko-Tex certified

Metals - Cadmium and Nickel-free, Oeko-Tex certified, factory supplied

Customer Reviews

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Margaret Helm
The Very Good Bra

I really like the bra, a great fit in the cup. I’m hoping it will stretch a little across my back as it’s very tight.

At last a healthy bra!

If we have to wear bra’s well this is the one for me. I have been looking for cotton bras for a long time, never expecting to find an organic cotton at that. What would be great is to have organic bra pads to slip into the bra. But no complaints here.

So pretty

Beautiful pink, great support, and hand washes beautifully. The cup has a little less coverage than I was used to, but after a wear, I found it to be a great fit. Sizing advice from TVGB team was invaluable. I will be a repeat customer!


I LOVE my Vintage Peach Bra! The fabric is so soft, the structure is so supportive and comfortable, and the color is a dream. Forget "The Very Good Bra", these are all "The Best Bras Ever"!!

Tammy Reed
Definitely a “Very Good Bra”

The most comfortable and best fitting bra I have ever owned!