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Comfy As

I love the The Very Good Bra so much, that I brought three different ones! I made sure I purchased the correct bra for me using the Size and Fit configurations, so that I did not get a bra that did not fit me correctly. The material is comfy and feels lovely. All my old bras, the straps always fell off my shoulders, but with The Very Good Bra, it certainly did not, so I am very happy! It also washes well. Love them! Well done!

My favorite

I normally wear a padded bra but this time was looking for organic. I found VG bra and so glad I did! At first I was worried when I didn’t see the padding but after I tried on I didn’t want to take off! So comfortable and supportive! Same with the Big Knickers. My only regret is that I didn’t buy more.. but I will! And I can’t wait to try the sleep and loungewear. Thank you The Very Good Bra!

Big Knickers Hazel
Genevieve S
Love them!

I'm very happy with these. They're comfy and flattering and the quality does not disappoint. I have them in the Black Tencel too and plan to buy more of both in the future.

Liberty Pansy bra
Lidia Martinelli

Impressive and thoughtful product

Always-Decent Tee Dress
Marianne van der Haas
Best nightie ever

So pleased with this nightie, it's comfy, it's light and has a nice style and doesn't get tangled and I love the fact I can compost it at end of it's life. Decided to get a second one because I know how hard it can be to find something really good again!

Vintage Peach Bra
Sylvia May
Comfy for me and the Earth!

Lovely bra, comfy fit, marvellous service

Most comfortable bra I've ever bought

I'm a 14DD and I find The Very Good Bras to be a perfect fit. The V for Victory gives a good coverage with no bits cutting in anywhere. This is my third VGB and won't be my last.

Love the colour

Best bra I have EVER owned. I have 4 now. Really good fit. I love it!

Very comfortable. I’ve been spoilt! Can’t wear any other brand.

comfortable and stylish

I already own some of the original very good bras, but have found the V for victory ones even more comfortable and easy to wear. I also love the colour. Thank you!

Replacement Straps
Karen Cameron
What a great idea

The bra strap was the only thing giving out on my 'Very Good Bra' and so I was vey happy to see that replacement straps were available - showing true commitment to slow fashion. It was easy to replace the bra strap - giving my bra a new lease on life. Inspired by my 1950's mending I then treated myself to the Vintage Peach 'Very Good Bra'.

Vintage Peach Bra
Karen Cameron
Loving the vintage peach bra

I have the bra on at the moment and alternate it with my other Very Good Bra (black original). I went a size smaller than I used to with regular not "Very Good Bras" and it fits well. It was quite snug around the band at first but quickly loosens slightly. It's 'win win' with the comfort and the vinage look.....and a big bonus No PLASTIC 'win'.

Poppy bra

Loved it so much I’ve ordered another one. Beautiful colour, super comfortable and fully compostable at end of life. What more could I ask for?

Comfy and flattering, will buy more

Comfy and flattering. They don't come up as high on me as they do on the models (I am 5'8" so medium tall) and I wish they did. Maybe I'll try a size up next time. But they're still good! Definitely an improvement on the original Very Good Undies. If the durability is as good as my VG Bras, I will definitely buy more of these in the future.

Comfort finally

Where have you been all my life !!! It’s true love my bras and pants from the very good bra. Thank you

Love this bra - 12DD

Really happy with my new bra. The wire V at the front provides good support but is comfortable and doesn't dig in at all. It looks great too! Thanks TVGB :-)

Love this bra - 12DD

Really happy with my new bra - very comfortable and supportive, and sustainable to boot!

almost perfect

I love the business model, materials and construction amazing. Very comfortable. Best bra I have. My only issue is that I don't have enough coverage in the between breast section. When I lie on my right side my left breast pops out and vise versa. This also happens, to a lesser extent when upright. This leads to having to adjust my breasts back into the cups or be uncomfortable. I have tried two models, The Victory and The very good bra with the same results. I am still using my bras but I use them with a sports bra which helps keep my breasts where I want them and helps hide any weird bulges if my breast pop out.


5 stars for the business, customer service & shipping. 2 stars for the bra because I can’t wear it.
Firstly, I love the concept and ideals of the bra (and the business) and that’s what motivated me to try the bra - I wouldn’t discourage others from trying because there are so few comparable options in the market and it is still a well made product.
I really struggled to pick the right size and emailed to confirm based on my measurements (which I was also unsure if I was taking correctly) and my old bra - the recommended size came out as a 16C - which is sadly too big and just poor fitting on me. I wear a size 14 clothing wise for tops etc so I probably should have known better?
I persevered to try and give it a go but the rings are also so uncomfortable and irritating for me. I’ve worn it - so I can’t really exchange it. And it was a big investment, so I can’t replace it either. I wanted to love it - but it just doesn’t fit properly. Maybe I’m a weird shape and we all know how hard it is to find a good fitting bra, but of course I am disappointed.
If there’s a place to donate for someone else to try it out, please let me know.

Hi Adeka, so sorry the size didn't work after everything. Our measurement chart works well based on customer sizing feedback but it's not 100% for everyone, we are all so different. If the bra is worn, we do have a Facebook Buy Swap and Sell group where it may go on to find a new home and return some of your investment. Thanks for trying.

High-Leg Briefs Hazel
Catherine Saint
Comfy, fit well, biodegradable, what's not to love?

Love these. They are really comfortable to wear and fit really well. I'm a size 12 and these run true to size for me. I will definitely buy more. I'd rather buy 'less and better', and am trying to be more responsible in my clothes buying habits. The Very Good Bra has done so much good work, biodegradable bras and undies are a big ask! Thank you!!!

Great for my "big" girls

Love these bras - this is my 4th! So comfortable to wear, and the E cup houses my FF boobs perfectly. Never going back to underwires :)

Big Knickers Poppy
Jennifer Harrison
Beautiful fabric

Waist band rolls just a little, maybe an extra line of stitching could prevent the roll without causing any uncomfortable digging?

Exceeded expectations !
Supportive, fits well, definitely tighter than usual around the band but not to the point of bothering me (I think if I sized up it would be too big). Overall very happy with my purchase and will be recommending this to all my friends !

Beautiful, comfortable and ethical!

I am slowly replacing all my underwear with The Very Good Bra! Everything is so comfortable and well made. A couple of small faults I've had in the past are that the straps become twisted over time, but I'm hoping the new, thicker straps will solve this problem. Also, in one of my bras, the metal "V" at the front is slipping out of the stitching. I'm planning on fixing it, but thought it would be a good idea to flag it as an issue. Overall though, so happy with this company, especially for bigger boobs!

thanks for your feedback and kind words Natasha. I hope the new straps work well for you. We've had very few Vs breaking their casings, if you can please send me a photo I will forward it to my factory to ensure they pay extra attention here. Thanks again!

Very Comfortable Fit

The fabric is soft, the fit is good and is comfortable all day. I'm happy with the purchase