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Wear in, wear out

Smart enough to wear to the cafe or the gym, these pants are like wearing nothing ie supremely comfortable. Many people wear them as pyjamas but I'll be wearing mine for exercise. They even passed the style test with my very discriminating daughter!

Vintage Peach Bra
Simone Miller

Feels great, looks great, and I feel good to have saved one less bra from landfill. Thanks for such a wonderful product 💛

Comfortable and perfect fit but just too thin

This bra fits me so comfortably well. The only thing I would have wanted is a sewn padded version because with this one my nipples show so I have to wear dark/thicker clothes. But I understand this brand is non-plastic so I wish a non-plastic alternative can be made. I still have the old braswithoutwires and love wearing them to this day. I bought 2 (the other is the victory bra) and I am not sure if I would buy again as they're too thin for my liking. Saying that the quality and fit are perfect.

Really comfortable

The bra is really comfortable. In the warmer weather, the bra is so much more comfortable than the synthetic bras. The V for Victory bra are a great improvement over the original bras.

Great fit

I love the fit of these high-leg briefs. I get full coverage and they are very comfortable. I can't wait to order more!

A big call - best bra ever

This bra is so comfortable. No annoying elastic on the skin around the chest - it is enclosed in the fabric. I didn’t realise how annoying that was until I had to use one of my old bras bought from a department store.
It fits slight firmer than the other bras but only marginally so.

The only bra I wear now

I wear a size 38C and this is my favorite bra!!! I really don’t like underwire but I have sizeable boobs so I can’t fully go without but this is the perfect in-between while still holding my boobs in place and making them look good. The deep v really adds to the sexiness of the bra and means I can wear it under wrap shirts. Love it, love the sustainability and can’t wait to get another one in a different color.

Love it!

So far I’m loving these bras. They’re super comfortable and provide just the right amount of support for my 34C size. They are true to size with size chart. Thank you!

Most comfortable

This is the most comfortable bra and feels similar to a bralette but with better shape and support. I do not have to immediately take it off at the end of the day as I typically would with other bras. I bought my usual size (16A) and it fit me the same as other brands do. I highly recommend for others that are small chested.

Comfortable and fits well

The other bra was out of stock in my size so I bought the V for Victory bra. It’s so comfortable and I wear it all the time! I have been wearing natural fibre bras for a while, but its nice to get one that fits well and is also supportive for a mid size bust. And the Sage Green is so beautiful (I bought other colours but this is my favourite!)

Love this bra!

I really love this bra! It fits so comfortably and gives enough support for my large bosom.

I got both this sage cotton bra and the black tencel bra, and I will say that I much prefer the cotton material as it gives more structure/support to my breasts than the tencel material does.

Please make more!!!

I love how soft and comfortable and wearable this tee dress is. I feel decent enough to take out the rubbish in the tee-dress. I am a bit pear-shaped and I was able to fit the size 10 even though I'm size 12 in pants. It looks nearly good enough to go out in (but I am not that brave)!

Liberty Pansy bra
Claire Mason
Pretty, practical and comfortable

I love this, my second bra from this website. I have always been a fan of Liberty fabric and how nice to know it is also compostible. For my first purchase I used the size chart but I found it a bit tight around my chest. I went up a size (but down a cup-size as recommended on the website, so from 34C to 36B) this time and it is more comfortable. So if you are close to the top end of the sizing chart and you don't like things to be tight, I recommend going up a size - I'm still using the outer bra-clips on the larger size which gives me the potential to make it tighter if the fabric does stretch a bit.

V for Victory Bra - Indigo
Angela O’Brien
Would purchase again

Well made and comfortable. I am a first time buyer and will purchase again.


It's very comfortable for a bra, I was a bit skeptical on the lack of lining but so far no bad nipping out.

Organic cotton singlet


I have just unwrapped and tried my 2 new V for Victory bras. They are so comfortable and fit my large bust (38E) really well with good support no less! I will definitely be able to wear them to work without 'bouncing' much. I could have done with a little bit bigger underband but that's ok as I have a band 'extender' that I can use. I am so sick of underwire and at the feel of the elastic band as it gets old then having to throw in the bin.
I am also very pleased to be able to support such and amazing business. It is so impressive that you have stuck to your principals and persevered to make such a lovely environmentally friendly product and filled a gap that needed filling. Thank you!

lovely feedback, thank you

V for Victory Bra - Indigo

Loving it! The style is good and it’s very comfortable in a new way. It’s my first purchase and if it wears well I will definitely stay with the company. Really like the wide straps.

lovely review, thank you!

Liberty Pansy bra
Jenifer North
Go bigger?

As with others I have bought from you, very comfortable generally but just wish you went up to F cup size to stop my boobs falling out whenever I bend down!

hopefully this year

Big Knickers Poppy
Christabelle S
Big Knickers Poppy

I am always on the lookout for a nice pair of big knickers. I like to be wearing something comfortable and natural and these knickers are perfect for this. The poppy colour is lovely as it has a degree of prettiness but also subtle so can easily be worn under most things. Super bonus that I do not have to stress about how to recycle used undies!!

V for Victory Bra Hazel

I have two V for Victory bras now and they are excellent! They are a great fit - I used the sizing guides provided on the site and easily worked out my correct fit, and they give me a lovely shape. The bra is also really comfortable. The hazel colour is perfect for wearing under everything especially if you don't want your bra to be noticeable, for example under a sheer or semi-transparent top. I especially love that each bra cares for our precious environment. I am a full convert to this brand.

Very comfy

Very comfy and a great fit - no tags or items poking out that would cause irritation (a massive bonus). The fabric feels really nice on the skin and the fit is superb, I feel supported and comfortable wearing this bra (and my partner thinks it looks pretty good, too!).

Great service and support from Stephanie too - I love the ethos of this company.

In love

I love my new bra so much. This is my first purchase from The very good bra company and I love it. Comfortable, well made and compostable. I will continue to buy from this company.

Comfy as

I bought these as pj pants and they are doing a great job at keeping me warm (but not too warm) and comfy in bed. I’m not the biggest fan of the stripe (sorry!) but the material is a great feel and the ethos won me over. The fit is for a slim build and it would be good if the thigh area was a teensy bit more generous.

Summer dreams

Can I just say that these bras are sooo good on really hot days. They absorb sweat so no more chafing or rubbing. The skin under breasts is in much better condition than previous summers. Who knew that being green could be comfy too?