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Digital Gift Voucher
Leeanne Szydzik
Digital Voucher Gift

I gave my daughter a gift voucher for her birthday so she could make her own choice. She was thrilled and hadn’t heard about the company. Thanks VGB!

Liberty Paisley bra
Avila Allsop
Love love love this bra

Stephanie was so helpful online and helped me choose between a 12DD and a 12D saying that this bra with the "V" shape tends to be a bit more generous. She said I could return it if the 12D was too small. It is so soft and comfortable and really supportive and I feel like I'd love to use it as a bikini top too. I know that wouldn't be great for it but that's how much I love it. The pattern is even nicer in real life; more subtle and it looks really great. I'm going for the Liberty Pansy next. Congratulations on all your achievements with regard to aesthetics and sustainability. I wish all manufacturers would take your approach.

Love my bra

I love my bra, fits well, like the support & like the feel & that's sustainable. My second bra purchase.

Comfy and great fit

Compared to my other vcb's this one stretches a bit more at the band so might consider going diwn a band size next time. Still v comfy though. Love the wider straps! And they've kept their shape unlike my other straps which have become pretty wrinkled (was a 38C, now a D). Would love if you could do this same style in a pale colour for under light tees!

Thanks so much! We're going to try Hazel with these new straps next year :-)

Very comfortable, pretty color

The material is soft and the fit and style is very comfortable. A good bra for me is one I don't think about or notice, and that is the case with my first Very Good Bra. I was looking for a natural fabric bra with no underwires. Very hard to find. Thank you!

Band not equivalent to The Very Good Bra - Straps don't hold any adjustment

I wanted so much to like love this bra but it isn't sufficient for a large busted women. Or at least someone with a slim band and larger bust. The cup itself is well sized but when I ordered I thought that band sizing was for all bras. This is not the case. The band for the V for Victory bra is larger than the the Very Good Bra, so much so that it isn't sufficiently snug even on the last clasp. The very good bra I could close on the clasp before the last. This is quite a difference in band sizing.
I also need to adjust the straps on the bra. I keep doing so and the adjustment doesn't hold, not even for an hour or so. I realize I am a 12E AUD but I think if you are going to sell bras in this size a company should ensure that someone in that size can adjust the bra. I wasn't making large strap adjustments and the strap clip slides back. The clip does absolutely nothing.
I am again going to see what I can do to remedy the situation but I will need to take the bra apart, not what I had hoped for at all. I imagine these are great bras for women who fit them without any adjustments and I applaud the company for their efforts, but the two bras I purchased do not work even though they are my appropriate size according to the Size and Fit on the website. And, none of the issues are with the cups themselves. The cups were sufficiently sized. So, looking again for bras that fit. I will update review if I can easily make adjustments on the bras. Living in the US I don't think shipping back and forth works for sustainability.

Hi Mary, sorry to hear your issues and I have written to you privately. All factories are allowed to be + or - 1cm in the band, so there can be 2 bras which are 2cm different in the band and both meet QC, but they're quite different. Sorry that yours were. We are also moving to a new factory to improve sizing consistency, as you may be aware, Sri Lanka has had massive issues the last year and covid prior. Check my email for next suggestions including selling any that don't work on our Facebook Buy Swap and Sell site to find a local buyer.

Good but not great for larger cups

I am a 34-36DDD or E or in AUS 12E. This bra is cut too low and my breasts end up almost falling out, especially if I need to bend over. The material and the band is great and the band. I typically have issues with bands being too big - this on wasn't. I was even able to only use the 2nd to last hook for a good fit. I will make a few adjustments to the front to make it wearable. But, if you are large chested, go for the V for Victory bra - from a quick try on - this is more suited for large breasted women.

Hi Mary, sorry to hear your issues and I have written to you privately. The sizes you quote above are very different to what you purchased? I agree the V bras are better for larger cups. Check my email for next suggestions including selling any that don't work on our Facebook Buy Swap and Sell site to find a local buyer.

I was surprised

I felt I was taking a risk purchasing TheVeryGoodBra but I am always looking to reduce my carbon and waste footprint so thought I'd give it a go. I've been wearing it for a few weeks now and am amazed at what a perfect fit it is without silly padding and push up wiring. I am 64 and it is very hard to find a bra that looks youthful yet feels good. I look forward to seeing how it composts but will take special care of it so it lasts as long as possible. Will definitely purchase more and tell my friends. Thank you.

Perfect size, take 2

I shared my bust measurements and it was agreed I should order a 10A, though I'm normally a 10B. Turns out, I needed a 12A. A little bit frustrating, but now that I have the 12A, I really appreciate how well the bra is made, and all the thinking that has gone into each element: the straps, the stitching, etc. Within ethical brands I've probably been slow to come to VGB because of the price, but I've probably spent money on bras that aren't going to be the same value for money. I'm really looking forward to life with my Very Good Bra!

The VGB black

I love what this company stands for and decided to take the plunge and give their bra a go. I understand the higher price tag. The bra is soft and very comfy and the size and fit pretty good, although the upper section of the cup is a little baggy on me. I’m now waiting for the peach to become available in my size!

Lives up to the name

I love the Very Good Bra. Comfortable, flattering and good for the world. As each old bra wears out I replace it with one of these. PS love the indigo colour 🙂

Great fit and comfortable.

Great fit and comfortable. A cup upper section could be a little smaller for me so that finish is smoother (material on this section is a little baggy on me).

Not a good fit for an A cup

Not a good fit for an A cup.

So sorry to hear this didn't suit you. We will continue to make some bras without the V wires for the A cups.

Big knickers Indigo

Love them ,. Beautiful soft cotton comfort.

Awesome new straps for larger cups!

Loving the new elastic and wider straps for 16E! I love how held in and up I feel, without the cutting in that occurred with the previous narrower strap type. Looking forward to more colours, especially Hazel with the wider strap :)

The Very Good Bra is the best bra!

I have been purchasing these bras since the beginning and am slowly but surely replacing all old bras with Very Good Bras. They are the most comfortably supportive bras I've ever experienced. They hold my bust in a natural shape. I use them during the day as well as overnight. Ever since having a child I no longer feel comfortable going bra-free. I've also composted at least three of them over the years. It feels great to feed my compost my bras at the end of their lives! With my last order, I purchased three replacement straps and re-strapped three Very Good Bras that were years old. The bra part typically remains in nearly perfect shape while the straps give out with time. It was a simple fix and now it's like I have three new bras!

Really comfy

I bought the always decent tee dress on a whim because I love what The Very Good Bra are doing. I ordered the large and was a little worried about sizing because I currently wear an 18 but the fit is great! It's so light and comfortable and I feel great knowing that when it reaches the end of its life, I can just pop it in the compost bin.

Vintage Peach Bra
Margaret Helm
The Very Good Bra

I really like the bra, a great fit in the cup. I’m hoping it will stretch a little across my back as it’s very tight.

Beautiful fit and feel

A beautiful feel and wonderful support. A really lovely garment that works!

Replacement Straps
Arwen Bardsley
Replacement Straps

The replacement straps are a superior elastic which doesn't slip. They are easy to replace and will give my bras a much longer life. It's wonderful that these are available.

Strap issue

I want to love this bra…I’ve only had it for 3 weeks and unfortunately one of the straps snapped off the other morning. I’ve only worn it a few times a week since receiving and wouldn’t think the straps would so easily break from minimal short term wear. It could possibly be an isolated incident with the stitching but it’s a huge bummer to spend the amount of money for something that I have worn very little. Other than the strap the bra is very comfortable and provides the support and separation I need without the uncomfortable underwire as to why I give 3 stars.

Hi Taylor, so sorry to hear this, we had some issues with our last production as our factory worked with our new elastic for the first time. We can replace or mend so I will email you now! thanks

So Beautiful, Comfortable and Supportive!

The color is a dream. The fabric is so soft. And the fit is very comfortable and very supportive. Love <3

The best briefs on the market

These briefs are so comfortable. They almost feel like a second skin. I love them and will definitely buy more.


I ordered the New Tencel bra and a standard Very Good bra, unfortunately, while I can tell that they are different to each other I do not know which one is which as they had absolutely no labelling on them. This is great from a waste reduction perspective but means I don't know which ones which if I want to reorder. They're very comfy, but unfortunately not good to wear outside of the house with my larger bust, I find the V protrudes through most of my shirts and makes me self conscious. I do like them, like I said they're quite comfy, just not what I was hoping for I guess. I'll keep wearing them and see if I feel better about them over time.

Hi Nique, no we don't print the model inside, but the V wire bra is the V for Victory, I'm sorry to hear thats not working so well for you. You are at our upper end in terms of sizing, we can't go any larger without spandex, so I fully understand you may get more indoor wear out of them. We keep praying for a compostable spandex replacement - one day!


Love this bra. The soft fabric, V and wide straps make it soooo comfortable. Best VGB yet. Thanks so much for the ongoing work you do to improve your products and make sure they provide a good, supportive fit :).