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This is the most comfortable bra ever! I can wear it all day without any issues with most bras I have worn. Since I am a 38DD, I usually find most bras that give support has wires that are not comfortable nor are they good for me. Since my lumpectomy, I find I do need extra support to even out the side that didn’t get the “face lift “ , and this bra does the job! Oh, and it’s so cute! Thank you guys for this design!

Bra riding up

I love the print and quality of fabric and make but I am finding that the bra rides up and sits right up and sits right up underneath where my breasts meet my rib cage. I took the measurements and bought a 14D as they lined up with your sizing chart and thought it initially fitted well (even though I used to always be 12D). I also have to adjust the strapping every day as it loosens.

The perfect bra exists

The rubber elastic on the underbust is a game changer. Very Good Bras were always comfortable (much better than regular bras) but I did find the cotton underbust bunched up and dug in sometimes. Problem solved. Thank you for this excellent product.

Love Ethical, but not the greatest Bra

I bought this bra because it was sustainable, which is true, and I am happy about that. However, as a bra it isn't the greatest. It is really thin and weird fitting when on - I don't really like wearing them out in public as they are quite visible under my clothes, as the fabric is weirdly cut, and my nipples end up showing - I think they would benefit from some padding, which I am going to have to make to insert into the bra just so I can wear them in public. I love the idea of this bra, I am just not suuuper happy that they don't work well for me :(

NEW Stretch V Bra
Natalie Lauritsen
So comfortable

I am very impressed with the new stretch V bra, it is extremely comfortable. I can't wait for it to be available in more colours :)

Absolutely LOVE my V bra


Was so very disappointed in this. I used the size charts and it still did not fit. It’s also too thin and needs padding. Overall not very good

Im so sorry for your disappointment. We are working on finding a compostable padding/liner. Happy to take a return if the bra is unworn?

Not as good as it seemed

I used the size charts and they still did not fit. I love that it’s sustainable and has no plastics but it is too thin and small and poor fitting. Just not very good over all

I'm so sorry for your disappointment. We are happy to refund the bra if unworn?

The softest bra

Love my new VGB it’s an easy wear item and works under all coloured tops.
Great to know it not part of the environmental wastage

Fav bra so far

Obsessed with the new bra, holds shape really well and super comfortable. Love the lower cut which works well with all kinds of tops. Hoping for a few different colors!

NEW Stretch V Bra
Tanya Peck
New stretch bra, cream colour

Very comfortably , can’t say I notice the stretch factor but I do prefer the different elastic, and prefer it to the wider band, if you are not a stick insect, and have a few extra pounds the wider band just gets scrunched
up, not that it is uncomfortable just doesn’t seem any point to it, Looks fab on your models, model I am not

Great bra

Love the all cotton construction of this bra. Would it be possible to omit the printed information on the interior of the bra? This information (fabric content, etc) is irritating to my skin.

Hi there, thanks for your lovely feedback :-). Unfortunately we opted for the in-garment printing to avoid using sew in labels which can also scratch and have a bigger carbon footprint. I'm so sorry they irritate you, they are Oeko-tex inks :P-(

Oh my word! AMAZING!

I am so impressed. I was unsure about sizing but ended up geting the 32 DD, knowing I'm a 34 DD, and it fit just as expected. (I have to use the widest hook setting, but I really wanted to try this bra and they were out of 34) The wide tree rubber straps are very comfortable. After years of wearing bras with some sort of padding, the feel of no padding in this bra is so luxurious. I love it. The V wire really does hold the girls in place. This marks the start of switching over all my bras to Very Good Bras!! Thank you so much for your dedication to make something so wonderful and ethical!!! Cheers from USA!

Vintage Peach Bra
Jane Andrews
Exceeded my expectations

Hello VGB team, very happy with my vintage peach bra, so I bought another one and the Very Good Bra in black. I looked at the size guide online and found it to be accurate. The material is soft and cool and has been amazing for the recent heatwave conditions in QLD. I am aware that under wire is not good for our health or comfort but did not think it was possible to find a bra without it that was supportive and looked good, well The Very Good Bra Company have achieved just that! I am a size 10 and usually buy A cup size but went with a 14 band as I don't like tightly fitting clothes, the 14/36A is perfect. I am looking forward to adding to my collection. Cheers from Jane.

The only bra that meets my very high bar

I love everything about this bra. It is completely natural and non-toxic, fully adjustable (both straps and at waist), extremely comfortable and produced by a company that actually cares about end to end sustainability and foot print. Recently I went to a big store here in the US where I am and was positively depressed unable to find a single bra that was not plastic. And then I found this company online and although it is in Australia, totally worth it considering all of the benefits. To the company: Please don't ever give up and keep up the good fight. We are in dire need of more of such companies on the planet. I hope you expand to other fabric based products and wish you the very best! I'll definitely be spreading the word.

Great fit

This might actually be the first bra I've purchased that fits me perfectly. I've spent a long time looking for a bra that isn't made of plastic, so I'm really pleased that not only does this bra exist, it's also comfortable and flattering!

Lovely - something a little bit special for special occasions

Very comfortable, lovely fabric & pretty pattern. I love that I've got something other than the plain colours for special occasions, even though I'm the only one who knows about it. Can't recommend the Very Good Bra enough!

Bra didn’t fit

I'm sorry the bra didn't fit, we are happy to take an exchange or return from you if you email us but your review here is for briefs?

Very flimsy. No support what so ever.

I'm very sorry this bra didn't work for you. We have no spandex or padding in the bra as it's plastic free, unlike conventional nylon bras, however, this is one of our moist popular sizes and we sell many of them. We understand not all styles work for everyone though.

Perfect Day to Day Bra

It’s evidently made with quality fabric and labour. Has been designed to perfection, the support is amazing and is also aesthetically beautiful.

Always-Decent Tee Dress

Absolutely stoked with this tee dress, the fabric is so soft and washes very well. Will definitely be purchasing again, top quality product

The proposed narrower band would be an improvement and I prefer shin coloured (nude) with matching straps to be invisible under light coloured clothes . Otherwise a comfortable bra to wear.

Comfortable, fits well!

Really nice bra, excellent quality, fabric is super soft and feels beautiful to the skin. Love the thick wide straps, would recommend!

Thanks VGB!

I have fibromyalgia so these bras are great, given there is a range of sizes and are super soft. I try to buy ethical so also great that they are Cert B.


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