Our story


Over the last few years, I set my heart on creating the world's first zero-waste bra. Having previously started a brand specialising in wire free bras in natural fibres and proper cup sizes, the more I learned about the apparel industry and its wasteful ways, the more I realised there was so much more to do. I spent years sourcing and developing this product to prove it could be done, and that with some effort and forethought up front, we could produce products with their end in sight.

I launched The Very Good Bra on Kickstarter in May 2018 and guess what? Over 700 of you came and bought that bra within 30 days which proved to me that many of you are prepared to buy less buy better, and to shop with your conscience.

There are many great eco-lingerie brands out there, but we are unique in making our ranges completely waste and toxin free, and in proper bra sizes. I am OBSESSED with leaving no post-consumer waste. We use no polyester thread, nylon labels, synthetic elastic or spandex/elasthane - feel free to bury this stuff in the garden after use or place in your garden organics bin. This year we had the bra eaten in a worm farm within 8 weeks, read more on the blog here!


How we work

Pre-sales fund our production and also minimise waste by helping us to make appropriate quantities across our big size range, and never end up with heaps of waste stock. We will make up additional bras across all sizes but locking in your order in the pre-sale is the only way to guarantee your size. The aim is to run at least 3 pre-sales a year with new styles/materials/colours. This is true slow-fashion, thoughtful and considered. Thanks for your patience.

Our materials and factory

Choosing all natural components, including not just the base fabric, but also the sewing thread, labelling, and accessories, is an expensive option but one that helps me sleep at night, and that I hope will help you sleep well too. I fully understand that the cost of zero post-consumer-waste products can be prohibitive for many, but at present there are so few manufacturers producing the components we need that they remain painfully expensive. It's only by continuing to create a market for these products that we collectively put pressure on textile companies to manufacture more and eventually bring down prices. Over the last two years I have seen this begin to happen. Manufacturers are scrambling to get some 'green credentials' around their materials. We are at a tipping point and your help and support on this journey to keep clothing out of landfill is incredibly important for everyone's future.

Your order will be packed in recyclable tissue and sent in a 100% compostable mailer via Australia's first carbon-neutral courier company, Sendle.

Our materials are sourced worldwide, from Australia, India, France, Switzerland and Germany to name a few. Our manufacturing is done in Hong Kong and China. Many of you would love us to make in Australia but we don't have the factories, skills or machines here since the big brands moved their production offshore. I work with a family-owned factory that I've been working with since 2014. I visit them every year. They work closely with me because they believe in what I'm doing. They understand the issues around waste, they have young kids and they have always supported me above and beyond the call of duty because they know this idea is important. Their prices continue to rise as the costs of labour and benefits compliance increase in China every year, and I fully respect that. They create beautiful quality work, which everyone deserves to be paid fairly for.

Thanks for listening and supporting x

Stephanie Devine - Founder