Our story

Over the last few years, I set my heart on creating the world's first zero-waste bra. Having previously started a brand specialising in wire free bras in natural fibres and proper cup sizes, the more I learned about the apparel industry and its wasteful ways, the more I realised there was so much more to do. I spent years sourcing and developing this product to prove it could be done, and that with some effort and forethought up front, we could produce products with their end in sight.

I launched The Very Good Bra on Kickstarter in May 2018 and guess what? Over 700 of you came and bought that bra within 30 days which proved to me that many of you are prepared to buy less buy better, and to shop with your conscience. But everyone wanted MORE zero-waste! And for their men too! So I got to thinking about Christmas and all the waste involved in that.

A short survey which over 700 of you responded to, made me sad about what Christmas has become to so many of us. The statistic - 227,000 miles of wrapping paper will be thrown away this Christmas - resonated with me and our fan base on this project, and so I created his and hers sleepwear in 100% organic cotton, delivered in compostable and recyclable packaging, in time for Christmas.

Choosing all organic cotton components, including not just the base fabric, but also the sewing thread, labelling, and tie cords, is an expensive option, but one that helps me sleep at night, and that I hope will help you sleep well too. We believe we are unique in making this range in 100% organic cotton, completely waste and toxin free. Feel free to bury in the garden after use...

The remaining small quantities will remain on site for pre-sale whilst stocks last, for delivery early December.

A small number of bras across some of our 26 sizes will become available for sale on this site mid-November, when we have worked out exchanges, returns and what additional stock we made up. After that we hope to be launching a new style and new colour early next year when we get your feedback.

Stephanie Devine - Founder