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10 good reasons to wear natural fibres this summer!

10 good reasons to wear natural fibres this summer!

In Australia, it's coming into summer and having been through the hottest September on record, we're bracing for a big one. Not something many of us are looking forward to, with the memory of 2019 so recent in our minds, but it's coming whether we like it or not, so best be prepared!

Why a cotton bra is best on the body

An organic cotton bra is the best bra to get through a sticky summer.

Why cotton briefs best are on the body

Most undies have cotton gussets, but we go the full monty, 100% organic cotton, including our elastic. More here.

  • Our nether regions are very sensitive, and  the most simple, gentle fabric to touch your skin is cotton.
  • It’s breathable and absorbent, which can help prevent yeast infections
  • Synthetics trap heat and moisture, creating a perfect breeding ground for them

All of the above of course applies also to our cotton sleep and loungewear. On a hot day, there's nothing cooler than a cotton shift dress, or cotton shorts and Tee.

Why natural fibres are best for the planet!

This is supremely important for us!

  • Organic cotton Is grown without pesticides, yes it's thirsty, but as in everything, buy less buy better
  • Unlike synthetic fibres which are petroleum based and pollute our air during their manufacture, growing organic cotton has no impact on our air quality
  • Unlike synthetics, natural fibres shed no micro-plastics during laundering. Every 10,000 organic cotton bras we sell potentially saves 9kgs of micro-plastics from entering our oceans. If you have synthetic smalls still, invest in a Guppyfriend wash bag
  • Last but not least, at end of life all our natural fibre clothing can be safely composted, wormed or just buried in soil, unlike synthetics which will spend centuries in landfill creating methane gas

We understand nothing is perfect, not all cotton is equal. Check the labels, check the brand and choose carefully. Conventional cotton is a menace. Organic cotton is thirsty. Better Cotton, which includes our fastidiously grown Australian cotton, is a good bet.

Organic cotton, dyed with organic GOTs dyes is durable and strong, but can colour can fade over time. We feel thats a small price to pay for the benefits of wearing a 100% organic cotton bra and briefs.

Check out our organic cotton bras, briefs and sleepwear!


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