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5 good reasons to wear a wirefree bra

5 good reasons to wear a wirefree bra

The Very Good Bra was always set up to provide viable alternatives to conventional wired bras. As a woman who'd been diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age, and who struggled to find a decent wireless bra to get me through treatment, I was always very determined the industry could do better!

Fast forward to present day, and the Washington Post tells us that for the first time in 5 years, sales of wirefree bras and soft cup bras outsold the wire! Seriously, it's a funny article, worth a click and a read...

'Why, at this moment celebrating body positivity and diversity, the natural pulchritude of all figures, do women continue to wrap wire around their breasts, hoisting them inches above their innate resting position? Also, why do so many underwire bras shield nipples as though they’re in some witness protection program?'

So hey, as well as being fashionable, below are 5 good reasons to ditch the wire and opt for more comfortable bras.

  • The underwire in a bra sits on your lymphatic drainage system beneath the breasts. It's a pressure none of us needs, made more acute when you've been through breast cancer treatment or any kind of surgery, and also as we age and our flesh gets softer.
  • Did you know that the wires in bras can attract man-made electro magnetic frequencies emanating from all manner of electrical devices? It's out there, google it!
  • Let's not pretend we haven't all been stabbed in the armpit by an escaped wire in a dilapidated old bra
  • 74% of women would choose to wear a non-wired bra if it offered the same support and 63% of women sigh with relief when they take off their bra 
  • Would the men in your life wear underwires under their pecs? We think not. Why? Because they hurt and we spend an inordinate amount of the day readjusting them.

A comfy bra makes a happy human. Life is complicated enough without wearing something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

For me, cotton wirefree bras began with my BC diagnosis. For many women, covid and lockdown changed the way we think about what we wear and what is a comfortable bra.

In the end, women's underwear has been on a journey to rid itself of wires since the first world war when the need to conserve metal resulted in a new garment (the bra) to replace the fully wired girdle, and conserve this precious resource. The rise of the bralette, the crop top bra, the sports bra and the push towards comfort is the culmination of that journey.

I'm proud that we now make 34 sizes of wirefree bra, the only company in the world to do so, and I hope your natural bra has changed your world in a tiny way. If you've yet to try, check out our bra size guide here


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