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The padding files....

The padding files....

I'm constantly asked and I'm constantly trying, but finding a fully compostable padding for bras is truly the holy grail! I thought the hooks and  eyes were bad, but this is the toughest and I'm still not there 5 years on.

Below are my padding files...

Whilst every comfy bra we sell is also a no underwire bra, many of you also wanted padding, we get it. I've honestly tried everything and every year at every innovative fabric trade fair, I hope to find the magic. Options I've tried are:

Organic cotton fleece - it feels gorgeous and soft, but it shrinks up to 3 times, and our Portuguese factory can't help us with pre-washing. Cotton can also hold moisture and become heavy when moist.

Wool fleece - again, feels gorgeous but it also shrinks multiple times, can take a while to dry and is often contained in a synthetic outer to keep the wool fleece contained

Bamboo fleece - feels super! But bamboo is so hard to trace. There's heaps of it around but I'm finding it very hard to understand provenance and processed in the wrong way, it can be deadly to communities and their water supply, more about that here from Good On You

Which brings me to my latest efforts, SILK!

Yep, silk isn't vegan (although neither is wool) but then the more I read about silk it sounds grim.

And so I got to 'Peace Silk', sounds great hey? The cocoons are cut so the moth escapes. Except It kinda doesn't... Our good friends at Sustainable Jungle have written a great piece on this here. The peace silk wadding is light as air and feels incredible (although guess what? It keeps on shrinking multiple times)

peace silk cocoon

To be honest, I'm still struggling, but I want you to know I'm still trying 😬


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