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The Ultimate Sustainable Gift Guide for a Very Good Christmas

The Ultimate Sustainable Gift Guide for a Very Good Christmas

One of the worst kept secrets about Christmas is that, well, it can be hard work! There’s the stress of making food, seeing family, buying presents which are often expensive and difficult to find. There’s Santa and the Elf on the Shelf, as well as fairy light displays, Christmas parties and locking in holiday leave.

It gets more complicated when you approach it with a sustainable mindset. Christmas introduces so many opportunities for waste, from the gift wrapping to the crackers to the decorations. 

And don’t get me started on the gifts. Gifts for your mother-in-law, dentist, second-cousin and your son’s second grade teacher. Of course, we all want to give something that won’t end up tossed out with the wrapping paper, but is great for the planet. Something they don’t already own, but that isn’t a novelty item that will sit around getting dusty. 

Let’s make this Christmas a Very Good one

At the Very Good Bra, we’re convinced that Christmas should be about more than the day. But we also want to do what we can to make Christmas day go a little smoother. 

That’s why we’ve provided the ultimate guide for the “tricky to buy for” people in your life. For your aunt, your father-in-law, and your son’s second-grade teacher. Here is our ultimate sustainable Christmas gift guide for the important people in your life. 


  • For the Animal-Lover - fine art animal photography from Where Pigs Fly


    Know someone who loves animals? Why not buy them a portrait of a rescued animal that can also help fund their care. Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary rescues animals who have suffered abuse and neglect and cares and protects for them. The profit from all artwork sales is donated to funding this sanctuary and extending their impact.  

  • For the one who does most of the washing - Guppy Friend Washing Bag

  • We see you. Clean clothes are important - here’s a chance to care for the environment while doing your washing. Feel good about cleaning your clothes with a bag that filters out microplastics, saving them from the ocean and giving you an almost passive way to make a difference. 

    Check out Guppy Friend for a sustainable solution. 

  • For curious kids - Compost Revolution 

  • Cut your rubbish in half and empower your kids with a deep understanding of how to care for the environment with a compost bin or bokashi bin that lets you transfer your scraps into worm food. 

    We recommend - the eco compost bin! Cute, compact and fun for the whole family. 

  • For the Teen Queen - The Very Good Bra Shorts and Singlet 

  • Is it cheeky of us to plug our own stuff? Oh well, we’re going to do it anyway!

    Young people are the biggest environmental activists the world has ever seen. Why not empower a young person in your life to wear comfy, 100% compostable sleepwear. Gift a cute pair of shorts or singlet top they can feel great about wearing. 

  • For the deep thinker - Rise and Resist, by Clare Press 
  • Rise & Resist outlines the environmental activism sweeping the world, exploring creative strategies and a grand purpose. Meet eco-warriors and knitting nannas for an exciting and inspiring read.

    Gift a book they won’t be able to put down

  • For the lazy honey lover  - Wild Flower seeds for bees

    Bees are under threat in Australia, despite the key role they play in pollinating around 2/3s of our food. Wild Flower has the solution! Plant poppy, cornflower, dill, flax, and coriander to help save the bees while enjoying a beautiful selection of flowers. 

    We recommend for anyone in love with colour. 

    We’re recommending a whole brand! Gorgeous colours, soft fabric, sustainable. Tentree shares our passion for bringing about big change in small steps! They plant trees with their purchases and their items will make you whistful. 

    Explore now.

  • For the one with a bum - The Very Good Bra Undies
  • Not sure if they have room for a garden or might not be ready for a compost bin? Buy them undies! Undies are a great and fun Christmas gift that will keep on giving the whole year.

    We’ve got a three set ready just in time for Christmas. Shop today.

  • For the one who has everything - Who Gives a Crap 
  • And only if they truly do have everything! Buy 100% recycled toilet paper with fun packaging these feel-good products help improve access to toilets in countries with fewer resources.

    We recommend a one month supply. Hey, at least you know they’ll use it! 


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