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Liberty and the worm farm!

Liberty and the worm farm!

Now that Liberty has landed and is being mailed out this week, I wanted to share some exciting results about its deliciousness to worms at its recent testing in Wormtech in north west NSW. Wormetch is an innovative and entrepreneurial facility created to turn waste ginning product from local cotton growers into some of the most potent fertiliser on the planet! 

I was lucky enough to visit them last year with the good folk of Cotton Australia, and they 'wormed' our first ever bra. 

This time, we didn't have a full sample bra made up in the correct materials and so we sent pieces of each of the components used in the actual bra which were placed in a worm pit on the 29th August 2020 as below:

The worms attached themselves to the materials within 2 weeks of going into the trial pit. What happened next happened so quickly that the next shot we got was this one less than 6 weeks later!

The bra materials - Liberty fabric, organic cotton liner and stabiliser, sewing thread, organic cotton and tree-rubber elastic - all disappeared! The only piece left was the pesky poly liner the french secretly placed into my old hooks and eyes, (previously blogged about) as we didn't yet have our replacement, 100% cotton pieces.

To confirm, all Liberty bras, as well as our most recent Peach bras, and indeed all bras going forward, will be using the 100% cotton pieces from our new factory.

We are absolutely delighted with the outcome and we hope that you are too. Please wear your Liberty pieces as long as is humanly possible, but know that they have an after-life as worm-fodder :-)

Final words from Wormtech:


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