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How to choose the right bra size online

How to choose the right bra size online

Is it wise to buy a bra without trying it on?

We all know the difficulties of buying online. I’m sure we have all had an experience where we bought an online product & there was utter disappointment. The product didn’t look anything like what you expected and sending it back was incredibly time-consuming.

 At ‘The Very Good Bra’ we don’t have this problem. We have beautifully designed bras that are made from Tencel and Organic Cotton - Eco Friendly Perfection.

What you see is what you get!

Our main concern is making sure the Bra fits you perfectly.

Unfortunately, we currently don’t do international exchanges or returns. So, let’s get this right!

There are so many size guides and size conversions that end up making you more confused than when you first started. 

Why does one chart say I’m a 12B and the other chart say I’m a 14A?  Very confusing…

Size conversion charts often give the impression that a UK 32 Band = 32inches. This is incorrect! A 32inch bra would make you a UK 34 band. Yes, my mind is blown! We will discuss sister sizing and size conversions in the next blog but let’s go through the simple steps to find your most perfect size.

The size guide used on our website works - as long as the correct steps are followed.

Wear a soft cup bra if you have one available. 

  1. Step 1 – It is very important that this is done correctly. Tencel the Organic Cotton fabric has less stretch than all other brands that use spandex.

Place the tape measure around your body bringing it around to the front. Measure firmly (snug fit) above under bust ensuring the tape is parallel to the floor. 

Simple tip

  1. Ours bras all have a wide band. Therefore, make sure you check that the inch below your bust is also a comfortable fit. 
  1. Breathe normally with a straight posture, two feet together.

 Step 2 

Place the tape measurement around the fullest part of the breast, ensuring the measurement isn’t too tight. Allow the tape to rest gently over the fullest part of the bust keeping the tape parallel to the floor. 

Once you have completed the two steps, review our size guide & voila! You should have the perfect size.

If you are still unsure of the perfect size, please don’t hesitate to contact for assistance and virtual fittings from our TVGB experts. 

I hope this information has been helpful and any question or feedback will be welcome.


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