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The difference zero-waste products make

Every single piece of plastic ever made still exists. And will continue to exist for another 500 years. If Leonardo da Vinci had drunk water from a plastic water bottle while he was painting the Mona Lisa, that plastic water bottle would still be around. The clothing and fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, which means our old polyester clothes are sitting in landfill for at least 200 years.

The small actions we take to reduce the waste we create set off two chain reactions:

  1. The numbers grow exponentially

The average woman owns 16 bras at a time - over our lifetime we can see hundreds end up in landfill and last until our great-grandchildren are gone. If 200 people choose to use sustainable bras, this rescues 640 kgs from landfill. If they do it for their whole lives, they will rescue 7000kg from landfill. If 2000 people choose sustainable bras, we rescue 70,000 kgs. If 200,000 people choose sustainable bras, we will save another 7 million kgs.

  1. We tell fast fashion brands we care about the planet

The best way we can show our values is through our wallets. Big brands will only listen when they absolutely have to.  Let’s make 2020 the year it becomes bad business to harm the environment.

Our bras are unique in that everything down to our elastic, labels, sewing thread and packaging is compostable. Our products contain no spandex, polyester or nylon. Every component has its origin in the earth, to which we hope it will in time harmlessly return, rather than add to our landfill burden. 

Every purchase with us is a choice to keep clothing out of landfill. So far we have saved 200kg of bras from polluting the planet. That’s the equivalent of two baby elephants!

Shop the Very Good Bra and help us save another baby elephant’s worth of textile waste.




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