V for Victory Bra - Sage
V for Victory Bra - Sage
V for Victory Bra - Sage
V for Victory Bra - Sage
V for Victory Bra - Sage
V for Victory Bra - Sage

V for Victory Bra - Sage

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$89.99 AUD
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The body of the bra is our regular organic cotton, but with a front V wire which offers separation in larger cup sizes, and more bulk in smaller cups. Something for everyone, truly a Victory Bra! As always, this bra has no underwires and is super soft on the body. The bra has a woven organic cotton liner in the band that sits next to the body and anchors it in place, preventing it stretching over time. Because there is no spandex in the bra, it can run a little smaller in size than your regular bra in the bands as it has less stretch.

Everything in this plastic-free bra, from the elastic, tencel sewing thread and custom-made hook and eye pieces is botanically circular, designed to break down in nature at end-of-life and leave no trace. 

If you don't see your size or need sizing help, email us at hello@theverygoodbra.com. 

We fundamentally believe that everything we make in the 21st Century should be designed with its end in sight. No excuses.

Customer Reviews

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comfortable and stylish

I already own some of the original very good bras, but have found the V for victory ones even more comfortable and easy to wear. I also love the colour. Thank you!

Great bra for anyone slightly bigger than me.

I absolutely love the Very Good Bra products. I love to wear them and I love to support Stephanie's efforts. The tencel black and vintage peach bras come in one size smaller and it looks like at least the black ones are being phased out, so I decided to try exactly one size larger in the V for Victory style and it's just too big. I'll donate them to good homes and hope that at least one style with my size remains available. The bras are beautiful and I'd highly recommend them to anyone larger than me. In the meantime, I'm sticking up on small sizes so I can wear these and tell people about them for years to come as all of mine are going strong after extensive use. Thanks so much, Stephanie!

Thanks for this Ann, Black and Peach will always be continued in the old style. They are our best-sellers although customers since have loved the newer V bras. We are working on a new style and sizing down to AA for hopefully later this year. Thanks for your feedback

Beautiful Colour and perfect fit

Great to be able to find a fully compostable bra that looks good too!

V bra

Finding the bra comfortable and a good fit.
Thank you

Lisa Wright
Victory bra Sage

Wow! It fits like a glove. I love it! I emailed to get help with the sizing, and glad I did because it is perfect. I'm so pleased that I have found a compostable bra that ticks all the boxes from packaging to the bra. I'll be shopping again at The Good Bra. 🙂🌼💫

Oh I love this review - a Sage Glove! Thanks so much :-)

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