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Inspirational new materials at Future Fabrics in London!

Inspirational new materials at Future Fabrics in London!

After the shock at the extent of rampant greenwashing at Paris Interfiliere last month, what a joy it was to see the innovations that are really going to make a difference to our lives and the environment at Future Fabrics London. The last time I went was 2018 and that was good, but this was spectacular and so inspiring. As well as a room full of properly 'sustainable' fabrics of every kind, there was an innovations forum full of exciting prototypes and early stage developments of scaleable plastic-free goodies!

As many of you know, I've long been after a 100% compostable padding for bras that doesn't shrink multiple times (like wool and cotton) and that is also lightweight. I was beside myself with excitement to see several examples of new waddings made to replace plastic microfibres in fleece jackets, made of 100% natural and compostable materials such as corn starch. This is the holy grail of compostable bra production for me, and I've been searching for years. I'm thrilled to say I have sampling on the way and hope to produce removable, compostable pads by the end of 2022!

This material is also being used, along with a waterproof organic cotton and 100% organic cotton zips, in a new prototype 100% compostable ski jacket made by a new swiss brand  MOVER - Plastic-free sportswear. How brilliant! They also make 100% merino fleeces - no more plastic bottles. The below is the new ski jacket, not yet available for sale but do check out their site.

And say hello to the pill box of the future! Made by Cullen in Scotland from it's own Kraft paper offcuts, a 100% compostable pill bottle, GENIUS!
All hail the magic of mushrooms! I've read about mushroom leather and packaging alternatives but never seen or touched them in their oh-so-velvety flesh. The shoe is actually made of grape leather - a new one for me. INCREDIBLE!!!!
Adding to the fruit section there's Pineapple leather of course, but also the following I saw for the first time - Bananas, Olives and Oranges! It seems we can make cellulosic fibre from almost anything - LONG LIVE TREES!
Our fantastic new Spanish organic cotton supplier grows cotton in natural, subtle shades which need no dying. They are grown in regenerative farms in Brazil and Turkey. Given the recent news on 'organic' cotton from India and the lack of veracity around it's certification, I'm pleased to have met the team behind this one and look forward to working with them this year. EPIC!!
And last but not least, the one that melts my heart, the bio-sequin. 100% cellulose and 100% compostable made by Radiant Matter. Not much opportunity to use in bras, but so miraculous and beautiful i had to share. JUST...SWOON.....
So all in all, a wonderful exhibition which lifts the spirits and brings together a community of people dedicated to changing the world through the creation of natural alternatives to the luxury items that can create so much damage to our environment. Recently I've witnessed so many brands and suppliers trying to win over customers through obfuscation and vague, selective and random stabs at being 'sustainable'.
There is hope. Keep smiling :-)


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