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BFCM - The Good (Gifting!), the Bad and the Ugly

BFCM - The Good (Gifting!), the Bad and the Ugly

We don't do the BFCM thing. We're not big on discounting other than for our pre-sales because these help us fund new productions, for which we are eternally grateful.

It's become a crazy-big thing though hasn't it? Like halloween! We've all become a bit American-ised...

In the USA Cyber Monday is the day with the highest level of spending in the year — in 2019, consumers apparently spent $9.4bn through online retail, almost double the prior year.  With COVID-19 deterring many people from brick and mortar stores, it got even even bigger. 

BFCM sales have become a microcosm of consumerism. Whilst the popularity of BFCM continues to grow, its negative impact on the environment will increase. The panic of the BFCM sale can multiply a host of negative environmental impacts with the top 4 being:

  • High returns or goods thrown away as people buy things they don't want or need, or over-spend on things they can't afford. 
  • The high sales volume increases the impact of plastic packing and the carbon footprint of fast shipping.
  • Electronics are top sellers in Cyber Monday Sales and e-waste is growing with just 20% being recycled each year.  The rest is dumped, leaking hazardous lead and mercury into our environment. Worldwide e-waste has grown by 9.2 Mt since 2014, and is estimated to increase to 74.7 Mt by 2030.
  • The web impact. Yep, in general, products or packaging often take the blame when it comes to the negative impacts on our environment but the internet worldwide, including data centres, telco networks and end user devices use roughly as much energy combined as the UK - a significant economy.

Some good news filtering through is that 43% of BFCM sales is gifting - woohoo! So we are not discounting, for all of the above reasons, but we do encourage any gifting, it's just lovely :-)

We've actually launched a new gifting app which shows below each product and as below, makes it easier for you to gift your loved ones. 



If you don't know someone's bra size, a gift voucher will be perfect, and don't forget all of our gift vouchers also remove 21kgs of carbon credits from the big polluters! Scan the QR below to learn more. This is a waste-free gift in oh so many ways.
So let's not american-ise this November and join the wasteful BFCM bandwagon, having only just watched houses get swathed in single-use plastic cobwebs for halloween.
And let's certainly not replace our s's with z's anytime soon ;-)


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