The Very Good Bra Black
The Very Good Bra Black
The Very Good Bra Black
The Very Good Bra Black
The Very Good Bra Black

The Very Good Bra Black

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Everything in this plastic-free bra, from the tree rubber and organic cotton elastic to the tencel sewing thread is designed to break down in nature at end-of-life and leave no trace. Check here to read more about the disposal of our custom-made organic cotton Hooks and Eyes. Read our blog to see how worms ate the bra in 8 weeks, but this is also premium, durable eco lingerie which will wash and wear for a long time.

This wire-free bra is super soft on the body. It has a soft, woven organic cotton liner in the band that sits next to the body and anchors the bra in place, preventing it stretching over time. Because there is no spandex in the bra, it can run a little smaller in size than other bras as it has less stretch. Straps are tree rubber elastic so not for those allergic to latex. Straps in all sizes are 13mm width.

We fundamentally believe that everything we make in the 21st Century should be designed with its end in sight. No excuses.

Body Fabric - 100% Tencel using Lenzing fibres, knitted and GOTs dyed in Melbourne by MTK 

Sewing thread - 100% tencel Cradle to Cradle certified and GOTs dyed, made in Switzerland by Muller

Elastic - Organic Cotton and natural rubber knitted in Austria for german developer, Charle Berlin 

Liner and hook & eye fabric - 100% organic cotton, grown, spun and woven in Turkey and supplied by Ecological Textiles in The Netherlands

Labelling - Low impact Pad Print labelling at our factory using Ink Cups Sapphire Ink - Oeko-Tex certified

Metals - Cadmium and Nickel-free, Oeko-Tex certified, factory supplied

Customer Reviews

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Jaime Durheim
I'm in LOVE

I love that these bras are purely zero waste! So cute and comfortable. I used the size chart and ordered a 36D. Fit is perfect. I'm never going to buy a bra elsewhere. I'm a customer for life.

Madeleine Dignam
Love it

This bra is fabulous. Soft, comfortable and supportive. Love everything about this brand. No other bras for me from now on.

Robyn Buck
Black bra

Usual high quality , beautiful fabric and comfort as well as the knowledge that I can compost the bra at the end of what I hope will be a long life.

OK fit

I feel like the bra is designed for a particular shape in mind: a smaller torso and large cup size. It rides up at the front and is not as supported under the arms, resulting a bit of 'side bulge' rather than pulling them together at the front. This is all despite following measurements and recommendations re sizing.

Hi Kaz, I'm sorry this didn't work for you. It sounds like you may actually have the wrong size? If it's worn we can't take a return, but we have a Facebook Buy Swap and Sell group if you can't wear it. We also have a virtual fitter if you ever want to try again.

Shahaan Murray
Not as comfortable or supportive as expected

After reading the advice and reviews on the website and careful measuring (twice), I went up one size. I was conscious that the material wouldn't give and I wanted to be comfortable. On receiving the bra, I tried it on and it felt very soft but I realised that the lack of give in the area under the bust made it uncomfortable after a few hours of wearing. I also realised that it was no more supportive than my bamboo crop bra yet was less comfortable and more expensive (I prevaricated for weeks before investing in this bra). I'm happy that I can pop this in the compost when it's worn out but I don't feel that it has been worth the investment given that I can only wear it for a few hours per day before it digs in.

Hi Shahaan, really sorry to hear it's uncomfortable for you. I checked your size and if you went up a band, the cup would be too large for you. In the smaller cup sizes crop tops can work well, they have spandex which can be enough in an A. We do have a Facebook Buy Swap and Sell group if you'd like it to go to a good home before compost?