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What does the bra look like under a white T Shirt?

What does the bra look like under a white T Shirt?

This is an oft-asked question! It's mostly asked about Vintage Peach which is more of a neutral, so we did take some shots on our recent shoot, under a white singlet and T shirt.

Whilst there are seams at the front of the bra, they are not very pronounced and barely visible under a white T or shirt.

The profile you get of course depends on your own shape, we can't really perform miracles there, but you should be nicely rounded and with minimal show-through, but please be aware, that without foam (we can't find a compostable one) this is not a T-shirt bra in the contemporary sense of the word.

Until we can source a botanically circular padding equivalent which doesn't keep shrinking (we've tried some lovely organic cotton and wool that just shrink and shrink!) then you'll need to be confident enough to wear with just 2-3 layers of cotton. You can always buy organic cotton or bamboo breast pads from somewhere like Flora and Fauna to wear inside until we crack that particular challenge!

I was honestly pushing it for last year, but Covid just destroyed any chance of new developments. 

Until then, we hope these images give you some comfort about how the bra will look under clothing! If you dare take your own and send to us, that would be wonderful!


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