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The dirty truth about sports bras (and other synthetic clothing)

The dirty truth about sports bras (and other synthetic clothing)

We often get asked for a sports bra and it's such a key item, we'd love to help. Unfortunately, without spandex it's impossible to guarantee the necessary level of support and fabric recovery. I'm constantly chasing after new spandex replacements and one day there will be a compostable one, I can feel it in my bones. Until then there are 'biodegradable' options, Asahi Roica and Amna Soul, but I'm not convinced there's enough third party research on these items yet.

That will hopefully pick up a pace with a big globally trending story about which I've done two interviews in the last week - the levels of BPA found in sports bras by big brands in the US, and their impact on our health. Links to the below articles for full details:

Pop Sugar

Eco Watch


The skinny that you need to know:

“The problem with BPA is it can mimic hormones like estrogen and block other hormone receptors, altering the concentration of hormones in our bodies, and resulting in negative health effects,” CEH Science Director Dr. Jimena Díaz Leiva said in the press release. “Even low levels of exposure during pregnancy have been associated with a variety of health problems in offspring. These problems include abnormal development of the mammary glands and ovaries that can increase the likelihood of developing breast or ovarian cancer later in life. These effects occur even at low levels of exposure like those seen in people today.” Eco Watch

'Sports bras sold by Athleta, PINK, Asics, The North Face, Brooks, All in Motion, Nike, and FILA were all tested for BPA in the past six months, and the results showed the clothing could expose wearers to up to 22 times the safe limit of BPA, based on standards set in California, according to the Center for Environmental Health' - CNN

The elevated levels of BPA were also found in synthetic sports shirts and other clothing from major brands.

Is there another side to the story? Well for sure, here it is, however do note that the belief here still is that BPA can still be absorbed by the skin, and that given its ability to bind to an oestrogen receptor, it should absolutely be avoided by women who are pregnant or nursing, or those hoping to become pregnant.

Which is why next year, we will be launching a world-first 100% compostable (down to it's elastic, sewing thread and labelling) nursing bra in over 20 sizes, made with unbleached and undyed organic cotton. Bring it on and watch this space! Due for launch February and delivery for Mother's day 2023.

In the meantime, wear clean bras, undies and basics! Always check labels and try and wear natural fibres wherever you can. And once you've finished your workout, get that sports bra off!

Read our press here to learn about the alternatives:


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