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The best way to wash and care for your product

The best way to wash and care for your product

As much as I love this shot of our Vintage Peach bra published by the wonderful people of Best Pegs and featuring their marine grade stainless steel beauties, this is not in fact, the way to hang your bra!
But first let's rewind a little, on how best to get the best from your Very Good Bra for the longest possible time.
Our bras are made from delicate, botanically sourced and dyed materials. Our organic cotton and tencel are GOTs dyed, and although pre-shrunk, they can shrink a little more and their colour can lose it's lustre if not washed cold as instructed on the label.
Our strap elastic is tree-rubber and organic cotton, the only 100% botanical and compostable elastic around. It is the brainchild of an enterprising maker of kids clothing in Berlin, who worked for years with an Austrian factory to adapt an elastic, previously used for industrial purposes, into a safe and clean product for children's clothing, and also now, bras! Elastic is always the first thing to go on conventional bras  - it does all the heavy lifting after all - and ours is no exception. It really does need to be washed on cold in order to last the longest possible time, before it inevitably gives up the ghost and heads to the hungry worms. Fabric softener is also bad for elastic, particularly natural rubber, so please don't wash our bras with that. We've also recently become aware of elastic being prematurely aged by home made baking soda washing detergents. Whilst we applaud these detergents, our bras seem to hate them so just a gentle, delicate eco wash please!
As above, our bras are not fans of heat which is anything other than a warm sun on a washing line, so please please, never ever tumble dry them! The best way to hang a bra on a line is in fact by pegging it over the centre - as below, so as to add minimal stress to elastic.
As our bras all have a hidden, woven front liner in the band, this takes the weight and not the elastic or fabric. Bring them inside and final dry in your home if it's too cold on the line.
Washed and cared for this way, and worn in rotation with your other bras, they should last a long time, depending of course, on how short the wear and rotation cycle is! Conventional wisdom is that bras only last 6 months anyway, but we know of many of ours going far longer than this when properly cared for.
Please let us know when yours bites the dust, and also send us photos of how you composted or wormed it! We always love to share a good compost or worm story :-)


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