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New replacement elastic straps!

New replacement elastic straps!

Elastic straps on any bra are the first to give up the ghost, they literally do all the heavy lifting! Because ours are strips of natural rubber knitted into cotton, they age differently to conventional nylon elastic which tends to just get longer in a uniform way. Our elastic is still the only 100% botanically sourced compostable elastic around, so we  stick with it, and we are now in a position to offer replacement straps which can extend the life of your bra.

Our new replacement elastic will be sent as a 1m piece in your colour of choice. Bra straps are always 31cm long in all sizes, but made with a 5cm extra extension which allows you to shorten and lengthen. If you allow a 1cm margin each end for stitching, you're going to need 38cm pieces in total for each strap. 

To replace, cut off your existing straps at each of the metal rings, then replace the sliders on a new strap - copying from one of those you just removed - before doing the second. Loop around the ring and just sew by hand, a few double, small stitch rows with good hold stitches at each end (I swear I'll get to a video of this soon!). Make sure your stitching is on the back of the strap, that which sits closest to your body and can't be seen from the outside.

Et voila, more time with your Very Good Bra! Just throw the old straps in your compost or worm farm, and do please send a photo of your workmanship if you're bold enough, to!


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