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Meet the Maker series - Michael at MTK Textiles!

Meet the Maker series - Michael at MTK Textiles!

MTK Textiles is very close to my heart! MTK knitted the original tencel for our Kickstarter bra and continues to be our Lenzing Tencel supplier. I have fond memories of early 2018, travelling to Melbourne to finally meet Michael and film some footage for the Kickstarter launch. I was gripped by all of the spinning machines! Through the first years of The Very Good Bra, Michael has been a trusted friend, as he is to many of us in the sustainable clothing industry in Australia, as well as to some of the most prestigious global brands.

I recently asked him a few questions about what he does and why, as part of our 'Meet the Maker' series, and here are his replies.

Q - When did you get started making fabrics and why?

A - I was originally a hand-knit designer which I loved. I loved playing with colour and textures 40 years ago now. Hand-knitting died literally and so I had to reinvent myself with fine gauge circular knits

Q - How long has the MTK factory been in operation?

A - Since 1929

Q - Have you noticed a customer shift towards natural, sustainable materials and how has that grown over the last 10 years?

A - Yes very much so. It started for us with some of the big iconic European houses who were the driver for us at least15 years ago

 Q - How has the pandemic changed consumer demand do you think?

A - I’m not sure , certainly there is less demand for the more novel knits we make and more demand for comfortable clothing.

 Q - Creating new products from scratch, is exhausting (I know this by experience!) what keeps you motivated?

A - The thrill of the chase. I’m always looking for new ways to recreate the beautiful classic fabrications

Q - What do you love most about what you do?

A - The design aspect and dealing with my customers.

 Q - Despite a growing business, how do you wind down and relax?

A - Walking on the beach, reading, my garden and hanging out with my sons.


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