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Introducing Avenue Co-Working

Introducing Avenue Co-Working

After a false-start in March when unfortunately covid kicked in and saw me packing 300 parcels solo, on my kitchen table, I'm thrilled that last week The Very Good Bra stock finally moved out of my wardrobes and into Avenues beautiful new offices in French's Forest!

Avenue is part of Fighting Chance, set up by the family of a close friend, in response to their beloved and bright brother Shane O'Reilly's frustration at having no opportunities for employment when he left school in 2009, because of his cerebral palsy. The world of work with purpose and meaning was completely unavailable to him. All employers saw was what he couldn't do, rather than what he could, and so his siblings Jordy and Laura, set out to fill that gap. Sadly, Shane passed away before the facility launched, but both Fighting Chance and its co-working offshoot Avenue, which opened in 2018, have gone from strength to strength to become a significant Australian social venture.

Avenue is a lively, positive space where people of all abilities can work and socialise and contribute. It was a delight to see the excitement as TVGB came in to their offices, and we enjoyed a morning tea welcome before the work started.

Avenue won't be the fastest fulfilment centre, but orders should still get out next day even when we are busy given there are participants at other facilities who can pitch in. Avenue also prioritises its people and rightly so. If someone's having a bad day they may not be able to work, but there are many helping hands on deck. I will also be there with a small team when big orders come land, (particularly late ones!) to ensure we get all pre-orders out within days of arrival.

I hope you enjoy your handwritten cards as parcels start to arrive, and know how much having meaningful work means to everyone at Avenue.

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