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All about the V for Victory bra!

All about the V for Victory bra!

As many of you know, my dream (OK, possibly more of an obsession) with making the perfect wire-free bra began after a shock breast cancer diagnosis in 2006. As a small band/large cup,  I just couldn't understand why it wasn't possible to buy wire-free bras for larger breasts. Why did they only come in Small/Medium/Large when women just weren't so easily categorised?

My quest to create the best wire free bras often involved me getting a fair bit of 'you can't do that' from my new-found friends in the lingerie industry. As a frustrated consumer with no clue, I wasn't prepared to take no for an answer and spent much time cutting up fabric and sewing different cup shapes onto bands myself, to try and find a shape that held me in position, without creating ridiculous push-together and cleavage. A woman who is an E cup doesn't want to advertise the fact to all and sundry in my view!


As I developed The Very Good Bra, I dropped the front V, which wasn't popular with everyone, but it really does diminish the cleavage issue in larger cups. Meanwhile, my friends who were smaller sizes and had had a few kids or are older, were missing the padding in my previous brand, and felt they were missing bulk in my new bras.

I'd been looking at swimwear, and again, wondering why some of the same techniques and materials from swimwear weren't applied to bras. In particular, I loved the V wire! From the get-go I've been trying to develop the V wire bra, but challenges to production over the last 18 months, with the Hong Kong riots followed by covid and multiple factory/geographical moves, meant that it was hard enough to just get exisiting bras manufactured without creating new ones!

I battled on, and finally this year we incorporated the V wire into the new Liberty Fabric bra which was delivered November 2020. I was a little nervous to deliver a new style, only my second, but this bra was revolutionary on me and I really hoped customers would think so too. I was thrilled when the feedback started coming in, and within 3 weeks we had 40 five star reviews! I had already started testing the V bra style in our regular organic cotton, but this made me accelerate the development and put the V for Victory bra out there and into production in my two new colours - Poppy and Hazel.

The design is the same shape as the Liberty Paisley bra, but we've removed the binder from the cup and the band, in order the make the whole design flatter and more streamlined. It's an absolute winner and I can't wait for it to land early 2021!

The feedback we've had on the design confirms that for many of our fans, it's the best Very Good Bra ever. It lifts and separates in the larger sizes, but it also adds bulk and shape in smaller ones too. Where a wire-free bra can flatten a smaller bust, the V wire mitigates, and so has proved popular even in A cups (we didn't make in 32A - sorry, it just didn't work in that size).

So for me this bra was easy to name - V for Victory! I've finally created the bra I've always wanted to find and wear. It's taken over 8 years of my life, but I'm proud of this one, and I hope you love it too. I look forward to bringing you many new colours, prints and fabrics in this new style.


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