The Very Good Bra Black
The Very Good Bra Black
The Very Good Bra Black

The Very Good Bra Black

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Most sizes are now in stock but we are out, and running low in some. If you can't see your size click here for new stock landing May 2021.

Everything in this plastic-free bra, from the tree rubber and organic cotton elastic to the tencel sewing thread is designed to break down in nature at end-of-life and leave no trace. Check here to read more about the disposal of our custom-made organic cotton Hooks and Eyes. Read our blog to see how worms ate the bra in 8 weeks, but this is also premium, durable eco lingerie which will wash and wear for a long time.

This wire-free bra is super soft on the body. It has a soft, woven organic cotton liner in the band that sits next to the body and anchors the bra in place, preventing it stretching over time. Because there is no spandex in the bra, it can run a little smaller in size than other bras as it has less stretch. Straps are tree rubber elastic so not for those allergic to latex. Straps in all sizes are 13mm width.

We fundamentally believe that everything we make in the 21st Century should be designed with its end in sight. No excuses.

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Jane Boothby
Comfortable and sustainable

I found the sizing guide really helpful to get the right fit. It's always a bit of a gamble buying any clothes online but the bra I ordered turned out to be a great fit and it is really comfy. Love that it can go to the worms once worn out too.

My go-to bra

This is my third bra from 'The Very Good Bra' - I got in on the kickstarter phase! Its been great to see how the design has changed and improved. My first bra is still going strong but the straps had stretched beyond use and are now improving my compost (great to see that straps are now available to purchase!). The straps on my second bra and the 'elastic' has stretched a little but is still fantastic. My third most recent purchase is my favourite - its comfortable, provides enough support and doesn't hurt. I absolutely love that there's no wire involved and of course the commitment to to reducing waste and the ensuring the whole life cycle of the bra is sustainable. Keep up the good work!

An excellent black bra

This is my second bra from the very good bra people. I love it. It has been the most comfortable bra that I have ever worn. It’s Light, it’s coverage and support is great and there’s no pinching at all!

Comfiest bra I’ve ever owned!

It took a little while to get used to as the bottom band of the bra initially felt a bit tight but it feels perfect now, I often forget I’m wearing it! Would highly recommend supporting a local and sustainable company that actually make comfortable bras (I thought they didn’t exist)!

Just so comfortable

The search for a comfortable all round bra has been found with The Very Good Bra. I purchased the bra to wear under a party dress for my 50th and it was so perfect. I have not wanted to take the bra off (except to go to sleep!) Today I finally put it in the washing machine, it is the best and I think I will be collecting more over time. A wonderful investment and it is so good to say goodbye to underwire bras!! An amazing design and looks fab on, thank you.

Customer Reviews

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