Liberty Paisley bra
Liberty Paisley bra
Liberty Paisley bra

Liberty Paisley bra

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Welcome to our new collaboration with iconic UK Liberty Fabric!

The body of the bra is organic cotton with a print in REACH dyes. This new design for us, as always, has no underwires and is super soft on the body. For the first time we've inserted a front V wire which gives great separation and support across all sizes, and works particularly well with larger cups. The bra has a woven organic cotton liner in the band that sits next to the body and anchors it in place, preventing it stretching over time. Because there is no spandex in the bra, it can run a little smaller in size than your regular bra as it has less stretch.

Everything in this plastic-free bra, from the elastic, tencel sewing thread and custom-made hook and eye pieces is botanically circular, designed to break down in nature at end-of-life and leave no trace. 

To read more about our collaboration with Liberty Fabric, read the blog. If you don't see your size, email us at

We fundamentally believe that everything we make in the 21st Century should be designed with its end in sight. No excuses.

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The Bra Odyssey

Five years ago, when I got pregnant with my daughter, I started to think about my bras differently- persistent pesticides from conventional cotton, microplastics, synthetic chemicals.. none of that was ideal for nursing or the planet. I googled endlessly, shopped stores in three different continents, and it took me five years to find this bra, this pinnacle of brassiere perfection. All bras before it failed- many resulted in smooshed pancake chest, or lost their support after mere days, some weren't really organic, most didn't stock my size, US 30DD. I even tried to make my own bra, which was a total fail. This absolutely perfect bra does everything a good bra should. It supports, separates, fits perfectly, looks amazing and is buttery soft and comfortable, while also being organic and zero waste. I couldn't dream up a better bra. I have bought all three different styles and all have been wonderful, but this is my favorite. I recommend a virtual appointment to get your size right if international. Thank you so much for making these!!!

Susan Head
Absolutely Perfect Fit Comfort and Style

So happy with my bra! I was nervous as I’m a larger woman - DD But it was a totally unnecessary! A perfect fit, the most comfy bra I own and so pretty.
😻 the wee wire at the front gives a really lovely line - an inspired idea.

Lesley Watson

great fit and really comfortable

Love love love!

Put it this way: within days I had ordered two more bras. I have sensitive skin and I love that they’re cotton... no more itching or digging in. They’ve softened even more with a couple of washes too. I had a bit of trouble with the band rolling up to begin with, but that’s also stopped as they have settled in to my shape. I bought a larger cup size than I usually buy, and that seems to have worked out ok. Thank you for making these in such beautiful prints too, can’t wait for my Liberty Pansy set to arrive!

wonderful news thank you!

Lovely bra, fit not 100%

I love the beauty of this bra and materials and the fact that it's truly a cradle-to-grave purchase. I love that it has a matching bottom. I am a smaller cup size and the bra has quite a bit of looseness in the cup for me so the fit, even after adjustments is a little loose in the cup. I also am not used to bras with a triple hook on the back (rather than two) so it's slightly more work for me to put on, but i'm getting better at it =)

thanks for this feedback. As the cup has no channeling around it, it can feel a little large on some. We are looking at possibly making some smaller sizes in a different style going forward.

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